Visit to Al-Ikhlas Home and Treatment Centre

On January 2019, Yayasan Annor Bakti was able to visit Al-Ikhlas Home and Treatment Centre for elderlies. Volunteering at an elderly may bring a couple of life long experiences for us such as :

1) Listening to their life stories

Just like us, they have lived through so much in their lives. Some have even lived during the period of the Second World War. Sitting with them might benefit us all, listening to their stories on how they lived before the 20th century and how things were in our country during that time. It may also help us open our eyes in being more patriotic and appreciate our country more.

2) Increase their emotions

Our visits can help them feel less lonely and emotional. The feeling of loneliness can increase health risks. So, having to talk to someone or having visitors may help them feel appreciated and not alone. It is very heart warming to see the smile and the light in their eyes when they see and greet visitors.

Our team were very grateful to be given the opportunity to visit Al-Ikhlas Home and Treatment Centre for elderlies and we cannot wait to go again for our next visit. A special thanks to the homecare team for welcoming us with such open arms and accepting our gifts and donation to the Home and the elders there.